A downloadable game for Windows

Throw your gun to reload and zip around the battlefield in a fast paced FPS. This prototype was designed around the GMTK Jam where the theme was dual mechanics. You can throw your gun to warp around the battlefield as well as reload it, stealing guns from enemies while jumping around as quickly as possible with limited health and ammunition. 

The game is built using Unreal Engine 4, with models being made in Maya 2016 and audio mixed in Audacity. We also utilized Github for our source control. 

Developers: Ethan Byers, Shannon Lykins, Stephanie Hopper, and Michael King.

Install instructions

Executable for Windows 64-bit ONLY


Portal Trigger.zip 474 MB


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This was pretty good. The game is extremely buggy and the AI is practically non-existent, yet the core concept is good. I could legitimately see it become something more than a prototype.

Also, the music was very good. It got me pumped up and ready for some fast-paced action.